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Royal Mail’s Royal Screw-up

Royal Mail's Royal Screw-up

With the significant impact the Royal Mail strikes are having on small businesses (and will continue to have!) the question has to be asked – why isn’t more being done?

What the Communication Workers Union (CWU) do not realise is that they are doing more harm than good to their Royal Mail members. Eventually both small businesses and large businesses are going to look to the Royal Mail’s competitors such as Parcel Force, UPS, etc in order to get their business critical post delivered. Businesses will be sacrificing affordability for quality and consistency of service.

Unfortunately, for Royal Mail, this is likely to mean a significant loss of business as well as having a more significant impact on Royal Mail employee’s job security. However, I’m sure companies such as TNT and UPS will be more than happy to offer delivery jobs in this increasingly competitive market.

It seems very odd that during a time of economic recession and high unemployment the Communication Workers Union (CWU) are encouraging Royal Mail staff to strike. It also begs the question – if these employees continue to strike why aren’t the Royal Mail replacing them with unemployed people who DO want to work and who WON’T strike?!

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