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Royal Mail workers strike and strike and strike again!

Royal Mail

Royal Mail workers strike and strike and strike again!

Once again the Communication Workers Union (CWU) threaten FURTHER strikes! Oh the joy that reverberated around the office when we heard that this morning!
So I took a look at what the local papers were saying and found an absolutely fantastic quote from one of the Royal Mail’s Sorters in the Guardian:

“Royal Mail has got plans to run down the service and we’re fighting to keep the service in its form now.”

What this poor sap does not realise is the main problem Royal Mail has been having is due to the company’s poor “form.” I can understand that these people are fearful for the security of their jobs but, unfortunate though it may seem, companies have to move with the times and modernise to suit the needs of their customers. In this case a large number of small businesses rely heavily on the consistency of good service – which is something the Royal Mail have “consistently” failed to deliver in recent years.

With more and more large and small businesses moving away from using the Royal Mail’s service job losses will increase. In spite of this, the CWU and it’s members refuse to see the inevitable and whether they win or lose this fight with the Royal Mail both will lose out to the loss of business. So either jobs will be lost or the company will die a death – which will result in loss of jobs for all anyway! In the words of Homer Simpson -“Doh!”

So the question has to be posed to both the Royal Mail and the CWU:

Do you want this outcome or are you going to come to your senses and agree a truce to save the business and those jobs YOU CAN SAVE before it’s too late?!

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