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Saving your business money and helping the environment

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) released a report that states that businesses in the UK could save over £6 billion by putting some easy money saving steps in place. Continue reading

Banks win in overdraft bank charges case

With the recent ruling on excessive bank charges on overdraft fees by the Supreme Court in favour of the banks there has been increased speculation that the law has been wilfully misinterpreted so that further financial issues for the banks can be avoided. Continue reading

How do I maximise sales?

This is a key question for many small businesses looking to grow effectively.

In order to maximise sales you really need to put a plan of daily business activity in place that allows you to prioritise tasks and maximise sales performance.
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Small businesses affected by lack of bank funding

Unsurprisingly the biggest factor adversely affecting the UK’s economy is still the exorbitant charges that are being made by the banks on commercial loans. As a result of these excessive charges small businesses are finding it increasingly more difficult to obtain much needed credit. Continue reading

Why not set-up a small business in your living room?

With increasing numbers of small businesses taking advantage of new technologies such as the Internet and mobile, wireless technology available to them at an affordable cost it is becoming much easier to establish a business from your living room.
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Is it such a bad idea to start up a business during a recession?

So is it such a bad idea to start up a business during a time of economic uncertainty?
According to the results of a survey conducted by the business advisory firm, Deloitte, for Global Entrepreneur Week it just might be the perfect time to start. The data published shows that increasing numbers of Entrepreneurs are rising to the challenge that the economic downturn poses and launching businesses in spite of it. Continue reading

Help and support for small businesses

There are a number of support groups and resources available to the small business owner in the UK today. It’s not always easy to identify which of these groups would be the most useful for your particular business. The aim of this article is to bring some of the best resources to your attention Continue reading

The key to success in times of recession

As so many companies know, the real key to success during times of economic recession is an effective marketing strategy. Let’s face it – it’s all very well having a great product or service but if nobody knows about it then your business is likely to go the way of the Dodo. Continue reading

Should Lord Alan Sugar resign?

Unsurprisingly, since last week, Lord Alan Sugar has increasingly come under fire from members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and politicians. Following his comments that small businesses are largely headed up by moaners that he “wouldn’t lend a penny to” the call for his resignation as the Government’s ‘Enterprise Tsar’ has been heard far and wide. Continue reading

Royal mail strikes called off

Royal Mail strikes have been called-off until the New Year – but would anyone have noticed? It appears that more and more companies are changing their alliances and shifting to other courier services. Continue reading