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Royal mail strikes called off

Royal mail

Royal mail strikes called off

Yet more surprises today! I walked into the office to learn that further Royal Mail strikes due to happen have been called-off until the New Year. So I suppose this is good news for the Small business? I guess so – however since the Royal Mail has lost so much business as a result of these strikes I have to question whether anyone would notice if postal strikes went ahead or not?!

The tragic comedy of the situation as a result of this is the increasing number of postal workers who are going to lose their jobs as a result of the Royal Mail’s loss of integrity and business. Thank you The Communication Workers Union (CWU) – you did a Hell of a job stopping those job losses didn’t you?!

However, excellent news nonetheless – at least we’ll get those all important Christmas cards this year! What a relief! I don’t know how I would have coped if I had to email everyone to say Happy Christmas! Let’s face it – with the loss of business from online retailers such as Amazon it’s unlikely that much in the way of parcels will be sent via Royal Mail unless it’s sent by members of the public – and I wouldn’t be surprised if members of the public have moved their parcel delivery requirements to the Royal Mail’s competitors such as Parcel2Go and TNT.

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