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Should Lord Alan Sugar resign?

Unsurprisingly, since last week, Lord Alan Sugar has increasingly come under fire from members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and politicians. Following his comments that small businesses are largely headed up by moaners that he “wouldn’t lend a penny to” the call for his resignation as the Government’s ‘Enterprise Tsar’ has been heard far and wide.

John Wright, Chairman of the FSB, has said that ‘despite being appointed by the Government to champion UK businesses, Sugar has no apparent grasp of the hard work small businesses do.’ Both Lord Thurso of the Liberal Democrats and Sir George Young of the Conservative party have also been quick to attack Alan Sugar.

Young stated that Sugar’s comments were a ‘rather unusual way’ to champion the Small business sector, especially since it is seen as the ‘lifeblood of the economy.’

Publically revered by some but branded as a ‘Bully’ and a ‘Coward’ by others the £790m business tycoon’s comments made at an FSB conferences were badly received and I am sure he has felt the results of this backlash. In fact Sugar has mentioned that as a result of such a poor response to the speech and the criticism he has received since taking the post he would in fact consider resigning from the post of Enterprise Tsar. In an interview with the Daily Mail he stated:

“I may decide that this is simply not worth it, when you are giving your time free of charge for no agenda.”

Personally, I think that if he really feels this way and genuinely believes that the UK’s small business community should listen to and respect a man who wants to throw insults at it then he should resign. It’s my firm belief that the government needs to appoint someone who is able to see the way of the future through the emergence of new, innovative, competitive small businesses that want to succeed, grow and ultimately improve the UK’s economy. The task of the Enterprise Tsar should be to encourage and assist – not criticise and demoralise small businesses.

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