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Cheaper beer – We’ll drink to that!

With the recent news that pub landlords are planning on striking in the New Year arrives with a potentially welcome bit of information that landlords could slash prices of beer by 30 pence per pint on average. Continue reading

A Little Christmas Cheer

Seasons Greetings from the Businessadvantage Team! Continue reading

Choosing the right model for your small business

How should you go about choosing the right business model? Developing a business model can be quite a daunting task for any entrepreneur. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be complex or difficult does it? Continue reading

Snow Brings Small Business to It’s Knees

Small businesses are struggling to operate amidst the snow storms that are ravaging the UK. But is there a way we can prepare to ensure businesses can still operate to a degree of efficiency despite the weather? Continue reading

Keeping Your Staff Motivated Over the New Year

During this time of economic uncertainty with people being made redundant it can be very difficult to keep your staff motivated.

So what can small business bosses do to help keep employees keen to deliver the goods? Continue reading

UK Government Slashes Red Tape to Help Small Businesses

According to a report by the Better Regulation Council small businesses have saved a whopping £2.9 billion a year in a Government drive to slash bureaucracy. Continue reading

BA Workers’ Union Encourages Strike Action

The airline workers union (Unite) have announced that it’s British Airways (BA) members intend to strike for 12 days over the Christmas period (as of 22nd December 2009) as a result of BA announcing some required redundancies and pay-cuts. Continue reading

Choosing the right Accountant for your business

So every good business needs an Accountant. That should be – every good business needs a GOOD Accountant, but how can you tell? Continue reading

Pre-Budget Report benefits small businesses

Excellent news for small businesses was announced by Alistair Darling as part of his pre-budget report today. Continue reading

Small business support schemes inadequate

According to small businesses in London the support schemes that have been put in place are inadequate, however, according to research carried out by Business Junction, only 22% of the 400 small firms questioned have actually accessed the schemes that the government have put in place. Continue reading