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Tories back small business

Tories back small business

Tories back small business

The Labour Party’s Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt believe that “the question of leadership needs to be resolved one way or another.” They have consequently called for a secret ballot to push for a vote of no confidence in Gordon Brown.

Political commentators have suggested that even if Hoon or Hewitt’s challenge fades, the revival of the debate over leadership will create additional doubts about the current government at a time when they have only just narrowed the gap between themselves and the Conservative Party.

So, with the recession taking its toll on business and employment the question needs to be asked – is it time for a change? According to companies throughout the UK it might be.

According to many the Conservative party has changed its attitude towards UK business.

Nick Mathiason of the Observer commented in May 2009 that:

“David Cameron has devoted a large part of his four years as leader of the Conservatives to distancing the party from big business. Now, as Gordon Brown’s administration limps towards an election that must be held by June 2010, business wants to get closer to the Tories again.”

We’re now into 2010 and it looks like David Cameron’s Conservative party appears to be the overall winner for many business owners – most notably for small businesses.

The Tories have put forward the following proposals to help small business survive the recession:

1. Reduce corporation tax and cut the current government’s planned increase in small business tax rates.

2. Reduced National Insurance contributions for businesses that employ fewer than five people. This is the equivalent to a significant saving of £400 per month.

3. Complex tax system which often sees businesses failing to claim rebates to which they are entitled will be stripped back.

4. Any small business that takes on an apprentice would get £2,000 with training aimed at the workplace.

5. Establish a £50 billion National Loans guarantee scheme to help credit flow and protect jobs.

6. Increase government procurement from small business.

7. Small business to receive a six month break from VAT.

So on the outset the Conservatives plans for UK business appears to be very good and could, potentially, be very good for our flailing economy. However, just because the Tories rescued us from a recession in the past does not guarantee they can do so now.

Regardless of my opinions one thing is very clear – Cameron’s intent to try is there but only time will tell if the UK’s voting populace agree.

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