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Communicating effectively with your workforce

Communicating effectively with your workforce

Your employees are probably a business’ most important asset. It’s important to remember that they effectively drive your company and therefore it’s vital that you keep them well informed and up-to-date with developments – good or otherwise.

1. Involve your employees – ask them what they need and how they would like to hear about it from you. It’s possible to use your company intranet for free two-way communication. Encourage your staff to air their gripes without being fearful of the consequences.

2. Keep your material fresh as it’s highly likely that your staff will spot old material that has been pasted from a previous newsletter/memo.

3. Make any information that you send out relevant. It’s important that your employees understand why they are receiving a message from you and how it relates to them.

4. Try not to use industry jargon when writing messages – keep your language clear and easy to understand without patronising your employees.

5. Keep communication straight-forward and backed-up by facts – don’t gloss over information or attempt to patronise your workforce.

6. Good and bad news should be announced. It’s just as important to tell employees when things have gone wrong as it is when things are going well. Ensure that you inform them how it went wrong and what you have done or what you intend to do to fix the issue.

7. Keep to the point. I am as guilty of digressing from the point of the communication as anyone else and it is easily done. However, it’s important to try and avoid this as much as possible as digression on to other subjects can lead to confusion for the reader and, consequently, the initial point of the message could be lost in the interpretation.

8. Don’t send messages when angry. This could be potentially damaging to yourself and your company. It’s important to remember that the people you are communicating with are vital to the overall success of the business. Sending out an email when angry can result in more confusion and misunderstandings as a result of heightening emotions – from both yourself and the recipient(s) which, in turn, could lead to reduction in activity from the employee as a result of low morale and resentment.

I have only just begun to scrape the surface of what good communication is and this is by no means and exhaustive list.

I think that the most important thing to remember is that your workforce are vital to your success. Keeping your employees happy and well informed will result in improved performance overall.

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