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New property valuations expected to double business rates tomorrow

Business rates are expected to double this week as small businesses across the UK are to get new property valuations that will make them ineligible for small business rate relief. Continue reading

Small businesses with webmail and mobile numbers frighten off customers

According to a recent report by ICM Research, the vast majority of consumers surveyed have little to no confidence in businesses that use free webmail email addresses or mobile phone numbers as their primary form of contact. Continue reading

Small business want tax breaks to help take on more staff

A recent study commissioned by O2 shows that small businesses would greatly benefit from tax breaks for employing unemployed young workers. Continue reading

Customers voice complaints through social media

According to recent research by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) an ever growing number of unhappy customers are voicing their complaints through social media websites. Continue reading

FSB launches petition against NIC hikes

The Federation of Small Business (FSB) have launched a petition against the government’s planned increase of employers’ National Insurance contributions (NIC). Continue reading

UK HR law smothers small business competitiveness

A new report by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has revealed that complex employment law is stifling small business competitiveness in the UK. Continue reading

Higher fuel prices to impact small businesses

New research by the Automobile Association (The AA) has revealed that fuel prices are set to reach record highs in excess of £1.20 per litre of petrol. Continue reading

Small firms face insurance premium hikes due to bad weather

An expensive winter for the insurance industry may mean that small businesses operating in the UK may face insurance premium hikes over the next few months. Continue reading

Small business to lead UK into economic recovery

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) have warned that recovery is likely to be much slower than had previously been anticipated. Continue reading

Pub companies forced to change anti-competitive practices

Pub tenant landlords will welcome news that new laws could be introduced forcing pub companies (Pubcos) to change practices that are said to be anti-competitive. Continue reading