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UK HR law smothers small business competitiveness

Employment law stifles UK businesses

Employment law stifles UK businesses

A new report by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has revealed that complex employment law is stifling small business competitiveness in the UK.

The report also suggests that future job creation is also being put at risk as a result of this complex law.

The BCC believes that basic workplace regulation previously in place has been replaced by overbearing policies such as rights to request, extended time-off provisions as well as unreasonable health and safety restrictions.

The Director General of the BCC, David Frost, commented that the general consensus is that employment law is too biased, favouring employees over the business.

Mr Frost added:

“Many rights come from EU legislation, which is informed by and aimed at labour markets very different to our own. The result is that the UK and the EU are becoming increasingly uncompetitive due to the rising cost of labour.”

He went on to say that with the economy improving the government should not only be encouraging job creation but it must also become a key priority going forward.

For more information on the BCC’s report please visit their website:

Relentless flow of employment law is stifling UK competitiveness, says BCC

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