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Customers voice complaints through social media

Unhappy customers complain on Facebook and Twitter

Unhappy customers complain on Facebook and Twitter

According to recent research by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) an ever growing number of unhappy customers are voicing their complaints through social media websites.

The OFT found that at least one third of all customers surveyed used the web to express their feelings of discontent rather than complain directly to the company. A further 80% of respondents told the OFT that they would tell their family and friends not to deal with a company if they received poor service.

The report also revealed, more concerningly, that a quarter of all respondents said that they generally experience poor service from companies. This suggests that many firms are increasingly failing to deliver good quality customer service.

Charles Wallace, head of Consumer Codes at the OFT, said that consumers expect high standards of service and for many it is an “important part of the buying process.”

With the ever growing popularity of social media, many unhappy customers told the OFT that they would often use Twitter to make comments about a company or set up a complaints group in Facebook. Consequently more and more businesses are being forced to monitor social media websites so that they can quickly respond in an effort to limit the damage.

Mr Wallace added:

“OFT Code approved businesses operate to a higher standard of service, and if a consumer needs to make a complaint, then they can be assured that it will be dealt with swiftly and effectively.”

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