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The latest on the General Election

With the General Election due to be held on 6th May, yesterday’s debate, televised on BBC1, focused once again on the most discussed issue affecting the UK today – our fragile economy. Continue reading

Vantis suggests cautious optimism amongst small businesses

Despite high inflation levels, little improvement in commercial lending, impending tax increases and a looming General Election, a new report by accountancy group, Vantis, suggests that UK small business owners are becoming increasingly confident about the state of the economy. Continue reading

Good news for British retailers

It appears to be good news for many high-street retailers, at least according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Continue reading

Will the next UK government be up to the job?

The next UK government will have a lot to do to fix the economy with unemployment sky-rocketing and GDP dropping… Continue reading

General Election Countdown – Latest News

The General Election campaign is starting to heat-up after yesterday’s fiery televised debate on the economy and party policies. Continue reading

Small businesses sceptical about Britain’s future

With the General Election looming ahead of us I’m sure many small
businesses are asking themselves – can any of the political parties
help us out of this difficult, economic slump we’ve found ourselves
in? Continue reading

UK unemployment reaches 15 year high

A recent report by the Office of National Statistics shows that unemployment has reached a 15 year high of 2.5 million, a whopping unemployment rate of 8%. Continue reading

UK Small business still suffering despite signs of economic recovery

A significant number of small businesses in the UK are still suffering despite signs of economic recovery. Continue reading

Bank of England freezes rates for another month

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) have decided to freeze interest rates at the current level of 0.5% for another month. Continue reading

Small business increasingly concerned over rising fuel costs

With the increasing cost of unleaded petrol there is growing concern amongst many small
business owners and sole-traders. Continue reading