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Is the Conservative Party best placed to help British industry?

Tories best placed to help the economy? Business leaders think so.

David Cameron and the Conservative party appear to be growing in popularity amongst small business owners and large corporations alike. This is largely due to the Tory’s plans to stop the National Insurance increase should they come to power.

In a recent poll by CNBC, the business and financial news channel, 64% of businesses in the UK believe that David Cameron has the best understanding of industry and is best placed to promote and protect interests of British Businesses.

The Conservatives have stated that if they were to win the next general election, held on 6th May this year, they will scrap the planned 1% NIC increase that is due to come into play in April 2011.

The Daily Telegraph received a letter from 23 industry leaders that claimed that the planned tax increase was highly likely to endanger an already struggling economic recovery.

“The government’s proposal to increase national insurance, essentially placing an additional tax on jobs, comes at exactly the wrong time in the economic cycle.”

Conservative leader, David Cameron, commenting on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, said that having gained the support of British business represents a crucial moment in the election campaign.

“I think it very significant, that the heads of these biggest companies, employing 500,000 people, have said that cutting government waste won’t endanger the recovery but putting up National Insurance will.”

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