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General Election Countdown – Latest News

General Election campaign gains momentum

General Election campaign gains momentum, inspiring heated debate amongst the leading parties

The General Election campaign is starting to heat-up after yesterday’s fiery televised debate on the economy and party policies.

Each of the leading parties have claimed victory after the debate and election polls suggest that public reaction is much closer than in the first debate.

The leading political parties are becoming more and more aggressive in their efforts to win votes and make their opponents appear inept or untrustworthy. For many small business owner or sole trader however, it has to remain about which of these parties they believe can deliver on their promises as many have been let down by empty promises in the past. I for one wait with baited-breath on the result of May 6th 2010.

Business insurance comparison website, Constructaquote.com, has attempted to chart all of the campaign efforts, key speeches and rebuttals as the clock ticks down to election day…

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