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Tory promise to cut UK debt and support small businesses

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron outlines the coalition's plans for change

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron outlines the coalition's plans for change

Small businesses are likely to welcome the arrival of a new Prime Minister after having suffered through five days of uncertainty, following the results of the General Election.

David Cameron of the Conservative Party and Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats have finally agreed on a workable partnership and appear to be positive about the future of the UK and the economic climate.

William Hague, a key player in the negotiations between the two parties, commented that coalition negotiations had been very amicable and this boded well for the future of the alliance.

Mr Hague added that, although both parties have differences and disputes would inevitably happen from time-to-time, there was clear evidence that the coalition could prove to be very succesful:

‘The way to resolve disputes is through the relationship between the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and having seen them work together and talk together over the last few days, if we can resolve this situation – a hung Parliament where we have been campaigning against each other – their ability to resolve this situation bodes very well for our ability to make this work in government.”

In a speech to the people of Britain, David Cameron warned that many issues still lay ahead and full economic recovery will be difficult, however, the underlying message in the speech was one of hope:

“I want us to build an economy that rewards work. I want us to build a society with stronger families and stronger communities. And I want a political system that people can trust and look up to once again.”

I hope that David Cameron and his coalition government can succeed where Labour failed and I wish him the very best of luck.

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