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Businesses concerned over recruitment prospects

Businesses concerned over recruitment prospects

A recent report by the Confederation of British Industry has suggested that the demand for highly-skilled individuals is likely to increase during the UK's economic recovery. However, some firms are increasingly worried over the lack of talent in the market.

A recent report by the Confederation of British Industry has suggested that the demand for highly-skilled individuals is likely to increase during the UK’s economic recovery.

The study suggests that business priorities for education and skills is a key indicator that British businesses fear they will be unable to find the right people with the right skills to fill high-level jobs.

The Director General of CBI, Richard Lambert, commented:

“Businesses want tomorrow’s workforce to be at the top of the new government’s policy agenda. As we move further into recovery and businesses plan for growth, the demand for people with high-quality skills and qualifications will intensify.

“In the future, people with qualifications in science and maths will be particularly sought after, and firms say it is already hard to find people with the right technical or engineering skills.”

At least 51% of the 694 businesses looking to recruit are worried about the supply of labour for graudate level jobs and those that require more specialist skills.

In addition to this at least a third of firms believe that they are likely to experience difficulties in filling intermediate level jobs that require skills equivalent to A-Level.

The CBI believes that the government has to do more to encourage young people to study science and maths related subjects. Mr Lambert added that firms can help by showing what type of exciting careers these qualifications could lead to, such as tackling climate change and energy security.

Curiously enough many employers have rated business studies and mathematics A-Levels highest, which should be reassuring to many firms.

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