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Super-fast broadband could attract small businesses to the countryside

Super-fast broadband could mean that more and more small businesses relocate to the country.

Super-fast broadband could mean that more and more small businesses relocate to the country.

With the promise of faster broadband, many small businesses are now considering moving their base of operations to more rural areas.

The Lib-Cons Coalition Government have outlined a plan to rollout high-speed broadband throughout the UK, as one of it’s key priorities, adding that the countryside will be addresses at the same time as towns and cities.

The Communications Consumer Panel (CCP) stated that super-fast broadband internet services are likely to play a momentous part in revitalising the rural communities by making it possible for small businesses to setup in and around these areas.

A spokesperson for the CCP commented:

“It could also bring new ways for people and teachers to access education materials and help lifelong learning.”

The CCP believe that countrywide access to the web will make many services a lot more accessible than they had been previously.

However, they also warned that this could only be achieved if the Government ensures it’s commitment to universal broadband doesn’t waver, and it is able to keep up with increasing consumer demands over the years ahead.

The Coalition Government announced last week that it will consider using part of the television license fee to help fund the super-fast broadband access in rural areas.

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