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Small businesses could benefit from dedicated servers

It’s thought that having a dedicated server could be greatly beneficial to a small business, ensuring website uptime and avoid losing customers to competitors.

A recent article by Hosting News has suggested that, although a dedicated server represents a more expensive option than shared hosting, the investment could certainly be worthwhile in the long-term.

Hosting News went on to add that not only will a dedicated server give a company greater control over it’s IT, it also allows them to choose their operating system and software.

Figuring out exactly what you want from a dedicated server is never black and white and, without the right guidance, can not only be difficult but could also lead you to make the wrong choices.

So, just what are the key advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated server?

Let’s find out:

Advantages Disadvantages

• Speed performance increases on your website since you do not have to share processor power, memory or disk space with other sites. This is also key to improving traffic rates as impatient visitors will be less inclined to leave your site.

• Reliability of service with less risk of traffic jams, crashes and slow-downs.

• The risk to your site’s security is reduced since access to a dedicated server is limited.

• The dedicated server can be custom configured to allow for special software installation without the fuss associated with a shared server.

• The dedicated server’s firewall can be customised to enforce your own access control policy.

• Dedicated IP address.

• Allows the flexibility of upgrading memory, disk space and processors.

• Host other services other than websites.

• Expensive to setup and maintain due to higher level of server functionality and control.

• Additional costs could be incurred from redundancy backups and purchasing software licenses separately.

• A high degree of technical knowledge and skills are required to operate and maintain a dedicated server.

• Many web-hosts offer preinstalled free scripts and additional features to shared server users. However, these free features are usually left off of dedicated servers as the majority of customers have requirements that are more specific and usually have a lot more knowledge about site building. Therefore it is normally left to the customer to install any services and software that is required.

So there are advantages and disadvantages to running a dedicated server. Usually, a company looking to expand their web-presence and run further online marketing campaigns will choose the cost of a dedicated server to that of a shared one due to speed and functionality.

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