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UK business challenged to find skilled workers whilst staying in budget

UK business challenged to find skilled workers whilst staying in budget

UK business challenged to find skilled workers whilst staying in budget

New research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggests that finding great staff whilst staying within budget is going to remain a challenge for small businesses over 2010.

According to the study, around two thirds of small businesses have experienced hiring difficulties, despite a reduction in recruitment activity over 2009 and the blossoming labour market.

Of those businesses surveyed, 80% listed attracting and recruiting key staff as their top resourcing objective. Despite this, many firms cite that the main recruitment difficulty is a lack of specialist skills and knowledge from the current pool of talent available.

Claire McCartney, CIPD’s resourcing and talent planning advisor, commented:

“Organisations are facing increased competition to attract and retain the talent needed for their future success, with twice as many telling us that the pool of available talent to hire has fallen.”

Due to the recent changes in the Budget, at least 50% of public sector organisations have stated that they plan to implement a freeze in recruitment and 70% plan to cull their number of new recruits. In contrast, a mere 16% of privately funded organisations plan to freeze recruitment and only 32% plan to cut down their number of new recruits.

Unsurprisingly, Claire McCartney went on to add:

“All in all we see great potential within the private sector for talent development, but a rather bleak outlook in the public sector for some time to come.”

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