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Government warns banks over small business lending

The Government has warned banks that it is read to intervene if a lack of lending to small businesses continues to threaten the UK’s economic recovery. Continue reading

Small business owners urged to re-think leadership style

Recent research by Orange revealed that at least 56% of small business owners have had to change their leadership style in an attempt to become more empathetic to the concerns of their staff members. Continue reading

How to choose a name for your new business

Settting up a business and haven’t thought up a business name yet? Then what are you waiting for?! Believe it or not getting the right name for your business could make or break you (well that and a sound business plan and strategy). Continue reading

Mumpreneurs encouraged to grow their business

We’ve all heard the latest hype surrounding mumpreneurs in business and, being a Dad, I can fully appreciate how difficult it can be to juggle a career and your family life. Continue reading

Legal Requirements of Starting a New Business

Any small business owner will tell you that, although starting a new business is an exciting prospect, there are a whole host of legal requirements for any new business. Continue reading

Social Media Poses Security Risk to Small Businesses

With more and more staff using Social Media networks whilst at work, a number of online security experts are strongly advising firms to be wary of staff unwittingly opening the firm up to malware attacks. Continue reading

Essential cover for small businesses

What is essential insurance cover for a small business? Read our guide and find out for yourself… Continue reading