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Social Media Poses Security Risk to Small Businesses

Social Media Poses Security Risk to Small Businesses

Social Media Poses Security Risk to Small Businesses

Social Media networking has generated a massive buzz around the internet, pushing the boundaries of newly available technologies such as streaming updates direct to your computer or mobile apps.

It has been acknowledged by marketing experts far and wide that social media is the next step in the evolution of online marketing, in fact it’s already here!

With more and more people hooking up to the internet simply to check their Twitter or update their Facebook status, social media is opening up a whole new way of looking at advertising and marketing opportunities for companies.

However, there is always a downside to any new technological advancement, especially, at least in this case,
to small business owners.

Although, from a marketing and sale perspective, social media has opened up new, cost-effective opportunities for small businesses, there is of course the issue of employees using or over-using social networking websites.

The Online news editor for SC Magazine, Dan Raywood, has warned small businesses to make sure their staff are aware and understand the company policy on broadcasting information and attachments, when granting access to the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

He added that it is really down to the business as to whether or not they allow their staff access to social networks. Mr Raywood warned that allowing access to these sites could open up a whole range of issues for a company, in particular:

Security issues – social media websites and their users are being exploited by “cybercriminals” to help spread malicious software (malware) that could gain access to sensitive information.

The increasing use of cloud computing and social media networks is opening up many UK businesses up to cyber attacks. This is why it is becoming much more important to have a strong social media policy in place and is essential for any organisation – big or small.

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9 thoughts on “Social Media Poses Security Risk to Small Businesses

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