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Mumpreneurs encouraged to grow their business

Mumpreneurs encouraged to grow their business

Mumpreneurs encouraged to grow their business

We’ve all heard the latest hype surrounding mumpreneurs in business and, being a Dad, I can fully appreciate how difficult it can be to juggle a career and your family life.

However, I also appreciate that being a Dad and a businessman is a lot easier than being a Mum and a career woman. In many cases a Mum’s first priority is her kids – which is completely understandable and has come to be expected in modern society.

Despite this there are a large number of Mums out there who want both – a career and kids. Unfortunately it’s never that simple or straight-forward – my partner will certainly attest to this.

Recently Lisa Druxman, Founder of U.S company Stroller Strides and regular columnist for Entrepreneur.com, believes that it makes a lot of sense to keep a business based at home when juggling family-life and work.

This is a belief that many female small business owners share, however, it also has to be recognised that, should a company show greater potential, they could be missing out on an opportunity to broaden-out and grow effectively. Essentially unwittingly holding themselves and their company back.

Ms Druxman commented:

“It’s no secret that you will sacrifice things in your life when you become a mom,

“As an entrepreneur, I think the biggest sacrifice is that you may have to hold back your business or say no to certain opportunities to benefit your family.”

She added that as long as women get the support of their spouse there is no reason why they can’t carry out day-to-day business operations, and delegate tasks where possible.

It has also been suggested that its always worth looking to take on a business partner to help with investment and many of the business’ operations.

“You may be able to get twice as much done if you have a like-minded partner with the same goal.”

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