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Small business owners urged to re-think leadership style

Small business owners urged to re-think leadership style

Small business owners urged to re-think leadership style

Recent research by Orange revealed that at least 56% of small business owners have had to change their leadership style in an attempt to become more empathetic to the concerns of their staff members.

Following this research and with the introduction of Government austerity measures to reduce the UK’s deficit, Shaf Rasul, a judge for the Dragons’ Den online, has suggested that employers should always take on board suggestions from their workforce.

Mr Rasul added that small business owners should not be asking their employees to perform tasks that they would not be willing to do themselves.

he went on to say:

“I have taken a much more active interest in the welfare of my staff for example, I’ve tried to get more involved with the staff and it seems that I’m not the only person.”

It’s also been suggested that other good leadership traits include budget handling as well as people skills. Shaf Rasul commented:

“Previously people would have come back with things like appearance, looks, qualifications or charisma.”

Which, in this blogger’s humble opinion, are all important, however, he does make an excellent point that financial prudence in a suffering economy is probably the most crucial to business survival.

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