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Health & Safety – First Aid: More than just a green box

First Aid for business - more than just a green box.

First Aid for business - more than just a green box.

Health and Safety regulations state that it’s a legal requirement for any business – big or small, to supply “adequate and appropriate” first-aid equipment in the event that a member of staff is injured or falls sick whilst at work.

Curiously enough there is nothing in the health and safety regulations that state businesses are required to supply first-aid for members of the public if they’re hurt or injured whilst on site…

Health and safety expert and Guest writer for ConstructaQuote.com, Andy Farrell, explores first-aid at work in more depth in his guide:

First-Aid: It’s More Than Just A Green Box
Andy Farrell’s latest article on health and safety, first-aid and the duty of care employers are required to give staff members, by law.

To Make sure your company is fully protected against employees injuring themselves whilst at work it’s strongly advised to take out employers liability insurance and public liability insurance should you come into contact with members of the public as part of your work.



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