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Taxman to clamp down on small businesses

The taxman is planning to investigate around 50,000 small businesses
over the course of next year for failing to maintain proper records
and underpaying corporation tax. Continue reading

Bank of England and Business Group Voices Inflation Concerns for 2011

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and the British Chambers of Commerce have voiced concerns about the rate of inflation over 2011. Continue reading

Small business groups voice VAT fears for 2011

Small business groups are raising concerns over the 2.5% VAT hike at the beginning of next year. Continue reading

British small businesses to migrate overseas

A recent report by O2’s Small Business Marketing division has revealed that almost 40% of the UK’s small businesses are looking to move to international markets over 2011. Continue reading

Entrepreneurs turn to spouses for business advice

Unsurprisingly, a recent report has revealed that small business owners are more likely to turn to their spouses for business advice over their accountants or bank managers. Continue reading

Small businesses receive welcome boost in credit

Small business owners throughout the UK are likely to welcome news that bank lending has begun to stabilise with increasing growing numbers of companies receiving badly needed funding. Continue reading