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Small businesses urged to improve customer service

Small businesses urged to improve customer service

Small businesses urged to improve customer service

British businesses are being urged to improve customer service or risk damaging their reputation and losing customers.

A study by YouGov, on behalf of training company Kaplan, showed that a huge 47% of the UK’s public claimed that they boycotted firms that delivered poor service to them.

The report goes on to show that 77% of those surveyed claimed that they told family and friends about bad experiences and 47% actually filed a complaint against the offending firm. In addition to this 26% submitted a negative review of the company online.

The main culprits picked-out by the study showed that:

• Utility Companies at 22% were the most complained about

• High Street Retailers were the second most complained about at 21%

The areas that businesses are advised to watch out for are:

• Staff talking to each other when customers need assistance

• Over-zealous employees approaching customers to ask if they need help

• Staff unable to help due to lack of training, product understanding, etc

• Staff unable to answer customer questions effectively

James Hammill, Centre Manager at Kaplan, commented:

“With the race to capture consumer cash more competitive than ever, good customer service has never been so important. This online research shows that consumers won’t stand for poor treatment and can take extreme measures as a result.”

Mr Hammill added that it’s a “wake-up call” for many firms as more and more customers are boycotting companies that give bad customer service. It’s also important that businesses consider the wider implications this could have to their reputation as well as customer retention.



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