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Small Business To Adopt Social Media Strategies Over 2011

Small Business To Adopt Social Media Strategies Over 2011

Small Business To Adopt Social Media Strategies Over 2011

A new report by freelance network, OfficeCavalry.com, has suggested that social media is expected to surget across UK small businesses over 2011.

The report suggests that around 71% of small firms are planning to manage their online reputation through the use of social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Consequently their is a very real possibility of thousands of short-term vacancies being made available to manage online marketing.

The survey covered a cross-section of 1,000 British companies. Of these firms around 65% were looking to hire freelance digital marketers to manage social media campaigns. In addition to this 15% of those firms questioned were actually looking at taking on a full-time social media manager.

Founder of Office Cavalry, Andy Turner, commented:

“As consumers spend more time online, businesses are looking at ways of changing the way they engage and interact with their consumers. The social media boom will fuel economic growth in the British economy as businesses realise the long term economic
benefits of engaging with consumers via social media.”

Mr Turner added that online reputation and social media in particular is shaping the way that firms do business. He went on to say that the business landscape is becoming “a more agile, cost effective approach that is scalable and responsive to the ever changing social media landscape is required.”

In spite of all this research, one does have to question which rock this company has been living under? Social media networks have been used, after a slow start in 2008/9, seriously by many companies over the course of 2010, adopting the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Indeed – what is business blogging – this epitomised the start of social networking and is in fact the benchmark on what many social networks are based on.

Let’s look at the likes of Twitter and Identica for example. These platforms are basically “micro” blogging social media sites that are used to post updates – basically a smaller or “micro” version of a regular blog, used for posting snippets of information to draw the prospect to your website to read more.

We can then look at the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn with their business pages you can create for your firm with multiple levels of functionality – including a micro blogging feature if necessary. In addition to this you can use these platforms to create highly
targeted pay per click (ppc) campaigns that can (and have) proved very effective. In some respects even more so than the likes of Google or Bing advertising.

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