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Can’t say I’m surprised. A recent report has unsurprisingly revealed that British consumer cash withdrawals and credit card spending over Easter dropped in comparison this time last year. http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/04/27/cautious-spending-over-easter-surprised-im-not/ http://amplify.com/u/b10m0o

British Small Business On The Rise? Let’s Hope So!

The Federation of Small Business group have painted a happy picture for british firms – but is it really a bed of roses? Continue reading

Check out these great alternatives to credit cards and find one to suit your needs: http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/04/20/alternatives-to-credit-cards/ http://amplify.com/u/bzrih

Credit cards in the current economy in the UK seems to be a crazy idea… read our guide and find out why it isn’t as mad as you think! http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/credit-cards-in-this-economy.html http://amplify.com/u/bznf0

A free money advisory service has been launched…

A free money advisory service has been launched throughout the UK to help British consumers make the most of their money: http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Free-money-advisory-service-launched-nationwide.html http://amplify.com/u/bxn0i

Is cash 4 gold a scam more importantly…

Is cash 4 gold a scam, more importantly – can you make as much money from you as the adverts suggest?! Check out our latest article and find out for yourself… http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/04/03/cash-4-gold-is-it-a-scam/ http://amplify.com/u/bxj47