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Payday loans and short term loans are thought to be the main reason behind low income consumers being faced with spiralling debt problems. http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/07/31/payday-loans-thought-main-reason-income-debt/ http://amplify.com/u/a1a2gc

Buying Shop Insurance – Top Things To Consider

Find out more about shop insurance and how it can benefit your retail business Continue reading

he Consumer credit service have expressed concerns over low income families gathering excessive amounts of unsecured loan and credit card debt. http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/07/27/growing-unsecured-loan-debt-raises-concerns/ http://amplify.com/u/a19ppq

Wonga and PaydayUK seek to educate UK about Payday Loans: http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/07/26/wonga-paydayuk-seek-educate-uk-payday-loans/ http://amplify.com/u/a19n6x

Do I Need Employers Liability Insurance?

Do I Need Employers Liability Insurance?. Employers liability insurance – find out how essential it is for your business

Office Insurance – What to Consider When Buying

Office Insurance – What to Consider When Buying. Find out what you need to consider when buying office insurance for your small business

Guest Blogger, Simon Wyllie, explains IVA advice options for consumers struggling with debt. http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/07/08/iva-advice-options-explained/ http://amplify.com/u/a175ia

Guest blogger Simon Wyllie suggests that Scottish Trust Deeds could help get you out of debt. http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/07/08/when-a-scottish-trust-deed-might-help-with-debts/ http://amplify.com/u/a175i7

Guest blogger, Simon Wyllie, advises debt ridden consumers to choose their debt management plans carefully. http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/07/07/a-debt-management-plan-choose-carefully/ http://amplify.com/u/a16z0v

British customers are turning to cash and debit card transactions over credit card sales whilst out shopping, according to the BRC. http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Consumers-switch-to-debit-cards-over-credit-card-transactions.html http://amplify.com/u/a16egv