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Simplifying Health and Safety at Work: A Small Business Guide From Motaquote

Health and safety at work – a small business guide to simplifying it whilst keeping it legal. Continue reading


Are short term payday loans the best solution to bridge the gap until payday? Creditwindow suggests consumers seriously consider alternatives before making the leap. http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/08/25/short-term-loans-briding-gap-payday/ http://amplify.com/u/a1btkc

RBS Offers Interest Free Loans To Small Businesses Following Riots – Small businesses damaged by the recent UK riots are being offered interest free, fee-free loans by the Royal Bank of Scotland. http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/RBS-offers-interest-free-loans-to-small-businesses-following-riots.html http://amplify.com/u/a1b6ld

Feeling The Pinch – British Consumers Cutting Costs To Make Ends Meet. British consumers are really starting to feel the financial squeeze, however, cost cutting such as switching credit card providers, utility providers and switching to cheaper brands could save a lot of money… http://www.creditwindow.co.uk/Blog/2011/08/13/feeling-pinch-british-consumers-cutting-costs-ends-meet/ http://amplify.com/u/a1auoi

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Find out why you should protect your profession

Some form of professional indemnity insurance is essential, especially if your company gives advice, consultancy and design work for clients. Continue reading

A stark reminder to ensure your business is adequately protected

Unsafe machinery to blame for death – acts as a stark reminder to businesses of the importance of employers liability and public liability insurance: Unsafe machinery to blame for death Following this it’s increasingly becoming more and more important to ensure that you, as a business, have carried out adequate health and safety checks to … Continue reading