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Banks are planning to lend again… to consumers

Value Personal Loans On The Increase
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Good news for small businesses and consumers regarding bank reforms

Banking Reform To Benefit Tax Payers Continue reading

Credit Boosted For Small Businesses Through Project Merlin

Small businesses will welcome news that UK banks are making more credit available through a new Government lead initiative. Continue reading

Credit Card Fraud Affects 13 Million Brits

Check out the latest from Creditwindow – interesting article on credit card fraud and how it’s affecting British consumers: Credit Card Fraud Affects 13 Million Brits. A recent study has revealed that 13 million people throughout the UK have been the victims of credit card and debit card fraud.

Loan Demand Amongst Small Business To Fall

A recent survey of loan companies by the Bank of England has revealed that credit demand amongst small businesses is likely to fall. Continue reading

Government warns banks over small business lending

The Government has warned banks that it is read to intervene if a lack of lending to small businesses continues to threaten the UK’s economic recovery. Continue reading

FSB launches petition against NIC hikes

The Federation of Small Business (FSB) have launched a petition against the government’s planned increase of employers’ National Insurance contributions (NIC). Continue reading

Small firms face insurance premium hikes due to bad weather

An expensive winter for the insurance industry may mean that small businesses operating in the UK may face insurance premium hikes over the next few months. Continue reading

Bank of England as predictable as ever

The time has come round again for the Bank of England to decide whether or
not it will raise interest rates. Continue reading

New lending stream for small business announced

Peter Mandelson, the Business Secretary, has recently announced plans for a government-run investment bank that will be used to release badly needed funding for small businesses. Continue reading