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Royal mail strikes called off

Royal Mail strikes have been called-off until the New Year – but would anyone have noticed? It appears that more and more companies are changing their alliances and shifting to other courier services. Continue reading

Businesses seek alternatives to Royal Mail

With Christmas looming ahead of us increasing number of online retailers are worrying about the impact the Royal Mail strikes will have on business. But with more and more businesses switching to alternative postal services every day we have to ask the question – is it that big of a deal? More importantly – do we care?! Continue reading

Royal Mail workers strike and strike and strike again!

Yet again the Communication Workers Union (CWU) threaten further postal strike action. Anyone else tired of this yet?! Continue reading

Royal Mail Madness!

Almost the entire Royal Mail workforce walking out on a job crucial to small businesses and the public alike! What would happen if the Ambulance or Police Service decided to do this as well?! Continue reading

Royal Mail’s Royal Screw-up

With the significant impact the Royal Mail strikes are having on small businesses (and will continue to have!) the question has to be asked – why isn’t more being done? Continue reading