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British Small Businesses Look To Expand Abroad

A new report has revealed that, since the British marketplace has become saturated, many small businesses are looking for new opportunities abroad. Continue reading

Small businesses need more protection from insolvency

There needs to be better support in place for people who aren’t successful in running their own small business, an insolvency firm has claimed. Continue reading

Small business owners urged to re-think leadership style

Recent research by Orange revealed that at least 56% of small business owners have had to change their leadership style in an attempt to become more empathetic to the concerns of their staff members. Continue reading

Tory promise to cut UK debt and support small businesses

Small businesses are likely to welcome the arrival of a new Prime Minister after having suffered through five days of uncertainty, following the results of the General Election. Continue reading

Half of small business owners voting for Tory government

According to a recent poll, 50% of small business owners are planning to vote for a Conservative Government. With the General Election due tomorrow many are living in hope that a Hung Parliament will be avoided. Continue reading

The latest on the General Election

With the General Election due to be held on 6th May, yesterday’s debate, televised on BBC1, focused once again on the most discussed issue affecting the UK today – our fragile economy. Continue reading

Will the next UK government be up to the job?

The next UK government will have a lot to do to fix the economy with unemployment sky-rocketing and GDP dropping… Continue reading

Small businesses sceptical about Britain’s future

With the General Election looming ahead of us I’m sure many small
businesses are asking themselves – can any of the political parties
help us out of this difficult, economic slump we’ve found ourselves
in? Continue reading

UK Small business still suffering despite signs of economic recovery

A significant number of small businesses in the UK are still suffering despite signs of economic recovery. Continue reading

Small businesses with webmail and mobile numbers frighten off customers

According to a recent report by ICM Research, the vast majority of consumers surveyed have little to no confidence in businesses that use free webmail email addresses or mobile phone numbers as their primary form of contact. Continue reading