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Small business retailers badly affected by VAT increase

Small business retailers severely affected by the increase in VAT, raising concerns amongst many economists and business owners. Continue reading

Half of small business owners voting for Tory government

According to a recent poll, 50% of small business owners are planning to vote for a Conservative Government. With the General Election due tomorrow many are living in hope that a Hung Parliament will be avoided. Continue reading

Small business owners consider move abroad to dodge tax increases

Around one quarter of all self-employed people in the UK are considering moving themselves and their
businesses abroad over the next five years, according to a recent survey by Foreign Currency Direct. Continue reading

Good news for British retailers

It appears to be good news for many high-street retailers, at least according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Continue reading

Small business owners put their staff first

According to Santander Business Banking 60% of small business owners have frozen their own pay. Even more impressively, only one in three have frozen the pay of their employees. Continue reading